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Fasting Tips for Heartburn Patients to Stay Comfortable

Does heartburn often interfere with your fasting? Dont worry! Do the following fasting tips for heartburn sufferers, so you can fast comfortably. Heartburn or dyspepsia is the term for a number of symptoms of discomfort in the upper abdomen, such as stomach pain, abdominal bloating, bloating, and a burning sensation in the gut. Various factors can trigger a recurrence of heartburn, including irregular eating patterns, eating foods that contain gas, stress, and emotions. Perform Fasting Tips for Sufferers with Ulcer Disease Fasting during Ramadan can indeed feel heavy for heartburn sufferers who are often advised not to skip meals. But, that does not mean heartburn sufferers should not fast. If you have heartburn, do the following tips when fasting, so that your fasting is smooth: 1. Eat enough at dawn and break the fast Eating too much at one time can make the stomach work harder. This can trigger the emergence of complaints in the form of a stomach feeling full and full. Ther
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Recognize the Benefits of Marriage for Body Health

When married, you will have a life companion who can accompany you in times of joy and sorrow. In addition, marriage can also provide a variety of health benefits and is believed to increase life expectancy or extend life. A study revealed that married men can be healthier and feel many other benefits. Women also can certainly feel the benefits of marriage. This can be achieved if the two support each other to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Various Benefits of Married in Supporting Body Health One of the most commonly heard benefits of getting married is that it can prolong life, especially in men. The results showed that men who were married and had a heart attack had the potential to survive longer than single men who had a heart attack. The reason is because the existence of a life partner who pays attention to and remembers the routine of taking medication, routine control to the doctor, and together living a healthy lifestyle will increase the chances of recovery and live life

These Benefits and How to Safely Use Essential Oils When Pregnant

Some pregnant women may be familiar with essential oils, such as lavender oil or lemongrass oil. This oil, which is commonly used as aromatherapy, actually has various benefits for pregnant women, provided it is used properly. Essential oils are oils made from natural ingredients such as plants. In general, essential oils can be used to reduce excessive appetite, relieve cold symptoms and increase concentration. Various Benefits of Essential Oils for Pregnant Women There are several types of essential oils that are believed to be safe to use while pregnant. Some of them are lavender, citrus leaves, bergamot oranges, lemons, lavender, ginger, lemongrass, sandalwood, and tea trees. Various benefits of essential oils for pregnant women, including: Reducing stress The fragrant aroma of essential oils can be useful to reduce stress and worry that pregnant women feel. Not only that, essential oils are also useful to make pregnant women become calmer in the face of labor. Essenti